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All of our themes are released under the GPL. Please check the license file for each theme you download. Most of the header images are royalty-free, but please check each theme before you download as some images are from various other websites.

We realise we cannot stop anyone from removing our website notice at the footer of each theme, but we’d very much appreciate it if you would leave it there. It takes time and effort to create these FREE themes and some credit would be very welcome.  🙂

These themes are provided as-is and BlogU.co.uk cannot and will not be held responsible from any detrimental effects restulting from your use of any of them.

Some of our themes are for general use, but most are ‘niche’ themes, meaning they usually deal with a particular subject and their use will be limited. If you have any requests for a particular theme subject, please leave your comments and we’ll see what we can do!

Most of the themes are NOT mobile compatible.


Addicted website creator and webmistress! However, I also love offline activities, such as reading, writing, movies, TV, music and socialising with my wonderful family and friends!

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