I have seen a WordPress theme I like elsewhere – would I be able to use that one?

Send us the link to the theme and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂 However, please note that once a theme has been installed, it then becomes available for use by other members of BlogU!

Can I modify the theme that I choose for my blog?

Most of the themes we have are configurable, some more than others. You can change anything from the header and background image to the entire style, depending on the theme you choose.

Can I choose from different themes for my blog?

Yes, we have dozens of different themes installed for blog admins to choose from. Most are free, but a few are for upgraded accounts only.



Which plugins can can I install?

We have many different plugins, depending on your membership level. We have plugins related to enhancing your blog, as well as spam protection, social networking, forums and many more. The easiest way to see what we have to offer is to join and have a look! It doesn’t cost a thing to peek!

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