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Posted in Dwarf Planets on August 22, 2015 by deltheanji

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With New Horizons recently flying by Pluto, astronomers all over the world had their minds blown on how mysteriously fascinating the reddish orange dwarf planet is!


So, first fact about Pluto is probably the most weird fact of all, it’s atmosphere is escaping, but it keeps replenishing, deep inside Pluto, something is causing this to happen.


Pluto’s atmosphere is made of nitrogen, it’s very thin, and it is collapsing.


Pluto was once considered the ninth planet, only to later be classified as a dwarf planet in August 2006, which has caused a lot of debate and angry stuff..


Pluto has five known moons, first is it’s biggest, Charon then four other tiny moons called Styh, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra.


Both Pluto and Charon have something in common, they are geologically active! Pluto has many areas with mountains, and you can’t see a lot of comets on Pluto’s surface! The reason this is, is that when a planet is geologically active, it can repair these impacts naturally.


Pluto is the largest dwarf planet known with a diameter of 2,370 km , only a few kilometres bigger than Eris (2,326 km)


Pluto has a lot of water ice, like seriously a lot of water ice, did I mention it had a lot of water ice? It is one third water ice, and only 2 thirds rock!


Pluto has been called ”the baby red planet” as if it’s Mars’ little brother!

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