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Mars. It’s the last rocky planet in our inner solar system before we go venturing out to the gas giants of our outer solar system.


Mars is a tiny rocky planet far far away from us. From the outside it seems just like a lifeless red rock just sitting there. But is it really just that?


Out of the 4 rocky planets in our inner solar system, Mars is the 3rd largest, with a diameter of 6,779 km (4,212 mi)


Mars has 2 moons, both are small asteroids named Phobos and Diemos. Phobos being the biggest of the two.


It has a tiny atmosphere, so small that if you were to step on it’s surface, your saliva would boil in your mouth!



Mars has many craters on it’s surface. The reason being is that it’s atmosphere is too thin to keep comets out.


Mars has seasons, just like Earth! Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring! It even snows!


There is a HUGE volcano on mars. The biggest in our solar system. It towers a height of 26 km (13.6 mi) Making it 3 times larger than Mount Everest.


That’s all for now! I hope you learned a thing or two!

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