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The hottest and most hostile planet in our solar system is a place you would probably think twice before landing on it.


It has a big atmosphere, like, really big, this causes a runaway greenhouse effect, which means Venus has trapped heat, unlike Mercury, which doesn’t have much of an atmosphere to speak of.


Thanks to the same person who told us the moon was made out of cheese, scientists also believed that Venus had tropical jungles, I think they were wrong..


Somehow, the Russians managed to land a rover on the surface of Venus, even though it lasted a short time, it still managed to capture a few images.


If you were to move your hand quickly on the surface of Venus, it would feel like you’re trying to move your arm quickly in water, it’s hard to move because the atmospheric pressure is 92 times greater than Earths.


It is often referred as Earths ”sister” planet, even though the fact that it’s like, not Earth like at all. I like to call it Earths evil twin.


It is slightly smaller than Earth, only a few hundred KM!

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